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New children’s book to help local NHS Heroes

16 Apr New children’s book to help local NHS Heroes

Bromley and Lewisham based charity, The Brun Bear Foundation, is joining the efforts to support NHS Heroes by donating all pre-sales of its second children’s book, Trouble at the Zoo, to help protect healthcare workers in the community.

Trouble At The Zoo is the second children’s book in The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin series of self-published children’s books by The Brun Bear Foundation and is available through the charity’s dedicated fundraising page here.

Through beautiful illustration and subtle humour, the books aim to promote the very universal values of community, inclusiveness and being true to yourself. Now, in the spirit of the new story, the NHS Heroes partnership campaign will bolster efforts towards the fight against COVID-19.

All money raised from the pre-sales of the book, which will be available early summer, will go towards funding essential personal protective equipment (PPE) for local health heroes on the front line in hospitals and care homes throughout Lewisham and Bromley.

The partnership comes as the coronavirus crisis deepens and many of our NHS frontline staff continue to report a lack of PPE, with some claiming that they need to re-use their equipment, putting themselves and the people they care for at risk.

Edwin Lampert, Brun Bear Foundation Founder and the book’s author said:
“The Brun Bear Foundation is proud to be supporting the NHS Heroes campaign, which is very much in the spirit of our work. We know that during this time, we are all focused on doing what we can to help our community and we’re happy that the book can help give back.

The story of Trouble at the Zoo explores many of the themes that we’re facing as a global community and reading is, of course, another activity that can keep families entertained and together during these tough times.”

The Brun Bear Foundation aims to build better futures through the power of community and provides grants and funding for three main areas; local community projects, medical research and animal welfare. All sales of The Adventures of Brunhilfer and Brunfin books go towards causes within these three pillars.