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New Chelmsford city centre restaurant creates 40 jobs

09 Sep New Chelmsford city centre restaurant creates 40 jobs

Cosy Club is coming to Chelmsford’s Meadows shopping centre and bringing 40 new jobs with it.

Cosy Club has 31 locations including successful restaurants in Ipswich and Norwich. It is the brainchild of West Country friends Alex Reilley and Jake Bishop who 20 years ago started the Loungers group with their first Lounge in Bristol. In 2010 Cosy Club was created with the first venue in Taunton offering a more opulent style of drinking and dining in exciting surroundings.

11 years later, having become a well-loved part of the Norwich night-time scene they are looking to become a part of Essex’s popular bar and restaurant culture.

“We have been keen to open in Chelmsford for a long time and are thrilled to have found the perfect location. Cosy Club will bring something new to Chelmsford; all day dining and drinking in the unique surroundings we’re known for. We can’t wait to welcome our new regulars!”

In the wake of the pandemic a report has shown that 40% of the UK’s total economic growth has been down to the hospitality industry. Cosy Club say they can’t think of a better time to become part of Chelmsford’s brilliant eating and drinking scene and are looking forward to welcoming people when it opens to the public on 14th September.

Known for their eccentric and eclectic style, Cosy Club promises relaxed dining and drinking…with a dash of nostalgia. Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio in Chelmsford and Cosy Club will use the Fleur de Lis logo taken from the original Marconi radios as part of the decor. The restaurant itself will feel almost early 20th century Sri Lankan with shuttered windows, ceiling fans, dark wood and rustic plasterwork. A great destination for parties, events and special occasions.

The menu is a mixture of British, European and Asian dishes with a nod to North America at brunch and caters for all dietary requirements. Bottomless brunches are a big feature, as well as delicious small plates and a fabulous cocktail range.