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National charity campaign #UKCharityWeek gets underway!

03 Dec National charity campaign #UKCharityWeek gets underway!

National charity campaign #UKCharityWeek is well underway for 2018!

#UKCharityWeek is a campaign designed to give the people of the United Kingdom an opportunity to place awareness and fundraising for charities high on the national agenda, and at a time of the year when people are statistically at their most giving.

#UKCharityWeek founder, Lee Rayment told us: “We want everyone to put their differences and their brand egos to one side to come together and get behind our nation’s charities. Whether you are an individual, a charity, a business or governmental organisation, this is the week to collectively say thank you to those people in society giving their all for their respective good causes.”

He added: “No organisation is too big or too small. Charity comes in many forms and sizes, but the human race is one, let’s come together and proudly celebrate our efforts if only for a week.”

For further information about #UKCharityWeek, please visit: You can also follow the #UKCharityWeek hashtag on social media!