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Mrs Helen Pearce from White Hall Academy in Essex crowned the best teacher

05 Oct Mrs Helen Pearce from White Hall Academy in Essex crowned the best teacher

Adapting traditional teaching methods, bringing education online throughout homeschooling, all whilst trying to keep students motivated and engaged, I think we can all agree, being a teacher in 2020 has meant going above and beyond the usual job spec.

Ahead of World Teacher Day on 5th October, launched a search to find the UK’s best teacher. They asked people to nominate their favourite teacher and the response was overwhelming with over 180 entries.

thortful can now reveal that the UK’s best teacher is Mrs Helen Pearce from White Hall Academy in Essex. Helen was nominated by one of the parents who explains how Helen “makes it so my child is inclusive not excluded for his disability, she doesn’t just stick to work hours and I can email her any time of the day…she is always on hand to make sure his stress levels are low at school to help him, she goes out of her way to do observations on him just to help get him extra support, she will wait for him outside the school grounds if she knows he is having a hard time or overwhelmed walking into school, she fights for him, she is his school voice, without her my son wouldn’t be able to be at school and have an education, a truly inspirational teacher.

Speaking about winning, Helen said “I am truly amazed! It is very exciting to hear that not only did a parent nominate me but to have won as well. I have only been doing my job, a job that I love, and I am a small part of a big team of people who all care about our school family.”

Commenting on the competition, explains: “We can all agree the great lengths teachers have gone to this year to adapt to the current circumstances, all the while keeping their students motivated and engaged. That’s why we want to celebrate the teachers that have gone above and beyond. Huge congratulations to Helen and thank you to everyone for taking part as the competition was fierce.”

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