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Millions of women in Essex want to go wild, a new study shows

17 Mar Millions of women in Essex want to go wild, a new study shows

Presenter Gemma Cairney, alongside fellow strong female influencers, protest what’s holding women back today, to launch sloggi’s Unfastened campaign. Designed to set women free from wires, and celebrate the bodywear brand’s pledge to become a completely wireless bodywear brand by 2023.

Figures show that 38% of females in the East Anglia region are too embarrassed to show their true self to others and long to break free, according to a survey by bodywear brand sloggi.

The new research reveals that thousands of women across the region are holding back from truly expressing themselves, as almost two fifths (38%) admit to being embarrassed of showing their ‘real’ selves. 1 in 5 East Anglian women want to say NO more often and be brave enough to be brutally honest when asked their opinion on something (15%).

When it comes to the bedroom, 5% women within the East Anglia region long to feel totally free and have no inhibitions when making love. In the boardroom, 1 in 10 wish to be brave enough to tell their boss to ‘go f*** themselves’ while 14% yearn to walk out of a boring meeting.

Famed for breaking boundaries and empowering women to be bad-ass whatever their age, sloggi has taken to the streets with their zero f****s protest, fronted by outspoken presenter and women’s advocate Gemma Cairney.

Gemma Cairney comments: “There’s something very powerful in the unity of women coming together. Back in the 70s people were burning bras but now the narrative is more about true comfort. Sloggi have always been trailblazers in empowering women to be themselves, for a long time and I’ve loved working with them on this campaign!”

When it comes to underwear, almost a quarter of women in the East Anglia region (22%) voted underwire bras as the main culprits for holding them back and making them uncomfortable, behind ill-fitting bras (33%) and thongs (21%), which has reportedly driven them to go commando (9%), pull out a wedgie in full public view (12%), and even pull a sickie from work (4%).