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Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals Exam Prerequisites and Preparation: Can Dumps Accelerate Learning?

19 Oct Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals Exam Prerequisites and Preparation: Can Dumps Accelerate Learning?


There are many reasons for pursuing certification and there are even more of them when it comes to Azure credentials. And this is not only limited to the popularity of this technology and the competitiveness in the market, it is about what your career gains as well.

It is our hope that you will read this post to the end because we’ll disclose all the important prerequisites for the certification exam AZ-900 that leads to the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals badge and the tips for making the preparation process effective.

Details of the Exam and Its Prerequisites

Experts who created the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals assessment had considered the needs of IT beginners. That is why it covers the basics and is suitable even for those who have just started their career in this field. The targeted audience includes developers who have some knowledge related to cloud services and the Microsoft Azure in particular. However, there are no strict experience requirements. All you ought to do is to make yourself aware of the topics involved in the exam outline. So, what are they, and how to build your studies to achieve efficiency?

How to Prepare for AZ-900

When studying for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test, you should not only pick up theoretical information but also learn how to apply it in your daily working responsibilities. That is why consider following the next steps during your training:

  • Know the exam’s outline thoroughly

Certainly, the initial thing to do when preparing for the exam is to pick the outline and go through the topics one by one. Generally, for AZ-900, you should master the themes that cover key cloud concepts, Azure services, Lifecycles, Service Level Agreements, Azure pricing, privacy, compliance, security, and trust. To make the process easier, Microsoft gives you a detailed blueprint on the official website as well as information about available study resources, the policies to guide you in registering, etc.

  • Carefully study the exam’s format

One more important step is to be conscious of the test’s format. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is assigned 1 hour for completion and comprises between 40 and 60 questions of hot-area, multiple-choice, review screen, mark review, best answer, and other types. The certification will be granted if you achieve 700 marks and more out of 1000. Notice, that it costs $99 to take AZ-900.

  • Revise with dumps

Dumps are a good tool that will evaluate your skills and show where you stand in your learning curve. Tackling the questions included in them and correcting the mistakes, you reinforce your knowledge. Anyway, such practice will only be beneficial if you allocate enough time for it and ensure you are not memorizing the answers but trying to understand the concepts.


The Azure sphere can never depreciate. In fact, its growth is going to be even faster. Thus, AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test is best for enhancing your professional value and career development. The preparation materials like training and dumps will build your exam-taking power and make passing real. Gain the needed knowledge, explore the prep tips to ace the assessment, and bring home the certification!