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Meet the Essex service that has been changing lives for a year

15 Aug Meet the Essex service that has been changing lives for a year

by Tasha Turner

A local service that has been working to combat social isolation in the elderly particularly those with dementia is celebrating their one year anniversary. 

Bless Support celebrates its first anniversary, carers are full of praise for the difference the service is having on the lives of their loved ones. 

Founder Jenny Chapman, who launched Bless Support in 2016 genuinely loves her work and this clearly shows in all she has achieved in the past year. 

Carers talk of how it’s had a ‘real impact on the lives of their loved ones’, of Jenny’s calm, positive and relaxed manner and akin her care to treating her guests like royalty! 

Jenny explains the fundamental idea behind Bless Support, “The idea of Bless Support is quite simply (as per the acronym) to Brighten the lives of the elderly through social stimulation. I provide a small day service to groups of 4 or 5 people at a time; organise outings or a range of suitable activities which encourages engagement.” 

She added “Clients benefit by being stimulated and energised for a few hours and it brings them into contact with others”

Dementia has become the plague of the 21st century but as recent news reports highlight the onset and development can be delayed and quality of life improved with suitable activities and life choices, including cognitive stimulation and socialisation.