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Meet the Essex man making waves in Monaco

01 Sep Meet the Essex man making waves in Monaco

  • by Matthew Martino

Luxury connoisseur and brand ambassador to supercar, superyacht and superhomes companies, James Phillips from Colchester in Essex has a lot to celebrate.

Not only is he launching his new magazine Luxury Life International this week to complement his successful online title, but he is rejoicing in a commercial partnership with esteemed entrepreneur Bradley Mitton and as an ambassador for Asetti Superhomes.

Mitton is the founder of the exclusive Club Vivanova which hosts élite gastronomic networking events and Mitton International Wines which imports and distributes boutique wines from Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Phillips has selected Mitton to become the exclusive distributor of Luxury Life International in Monaco and on the French Riviera which both men have identified as the market central to the growth and development of their unique businesses.

The two gentleman cemented their relationship by jointly hosting a star-studded beach party yesterday at the Adamas Lifestyle Beach at Le Méridien Beach Plaza in Monte-Carlo attended by French celebrities, models, business people and entrepreneurs and the glittering high society of Monaco.