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Meet Devonte Edwards, the creative with a difference

04 Mar Meet Devonte Edwards, the creative with a difference

With the growing concern of the impact and repercussions of fake news London based actor now turned documentary filmmaker Devonte Edwards is on a mission to shed light on the growing worry of fake news and social media deception in a world where Twitter and Facebook are now more powerful than most news outlets.

Edwards is best known for his stint on ITV2’s Love Fix in which he appeared last year and has recently filmed a show with BBC3 on a reality show yet to be released.

Now turning his hand to documentary filmmaking he will be working with famous social media personalities who will share their stories of the gruesome experiences they have gone through on social media and what challenges they had working with managers and advisors for their social media accounts.

In a candid chat Edwards told us “I am currently creating a documentary on Social Media Deception, the aim of the production is to talk about how social media and also how people fake to be other people on the net and to show that this is wrong.”

Pictured: Actor Devonte Edwards

Refusing to give too much away the London native promised a true story and shocking expose into the world of social media and just how it’s assisting to create a web of lies, he added “We will be showcasing someone’s real life experience on this subject.”

The documentary will start filming by the end of the month.