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Meet Ashden Barlow, The 10year old motocross luminary from Essex

18 Oct Meet Ashden Barlow, The 10year old motocross luminary from Essex

by Matthew Martino

Ashden Barlow is a name that is taking the motocross scene by storm, The 10year old motocross luminary hailing from Essex has already set himself as one to watch!

Ashden first started riding at 4 years old on a LT 50 quad before getting a KTM 50 motocross bike at 5 years old. At 6 years old he had his first race at Mildenhall.

After a good first year on the KTM 50 he moved to a KTM 65 at 7 years old which is 3 years early.

Ashden tells me “Motocross is the sport I love, despite all the injuries, crashes and the exercise in the week it’s all worth it to get good results at the weekend”

In his second year at 8 years old he got better results how ever due to the increase in his speed he had a few crashes resulting in multiple injuries, including torn ligaments in his knee and a deep cut on his eyelid, at the end of the year.

At age 9 he moved to the Small Wheel 85 class so yet again being the youngest out there Ashden continued to battle with some of the fastest kids in the country recently competing at the British Youth National series in Pontrillas, Hertfordshire and finishing 14th with his best result being a 5th despite some minor crashes.

Ashden is currently training for the 2018 season, so keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing to come out Essex!