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MATTHEW MARTINO: Jethro Sheeran is an artist ?! Well I never

12 Mar MATTHEW MARTINO: Jethro Sheeran is an artist ?! Well I never

by Matthew Martino

Ya’ll really need to be carefully with the sort of news you break to me on a Sunday afternoon when I’m at the gym (heart attack imminent), I had a very curious phone call today from a rapper who was asking me why my colleague at Essex Magazine had written a very negative article on Jethro Sheeran – The Artist, my immediate reaction was ‘there is another Sheeran in the music biz’ I immediately rushed for my laptop to get some levels and get down with the beat, BUT what lied ahead …

Sooooo Jethro Sheeran is an artist ?! Well I never, not in a thousand years.

As an African I like to think I know a thing or two about R&B and Rap and after listening to what I can describe as 4 minutes of my life I won’t ever get back, my immediate question was WHY, just why ? 

I can’t really imagine chilling in my hood with the boys listening to ‘Lovelorn’ neither can I imagine trying to chat up a girl with some of the rather cringeworthy lyrics the song carries but oh well, it’s apparently going to be hit single so what do I know.

I’m just going to put it out there, I have NO respect for Jethro as an artist, fair enough he had to try the music thing but it just isn’t working for him – My motto is stick to what you know which is why I tried some acting, realised I was rubbish and I stopped (real talk you know)!

The only advise I can give to Lord ALONESTAR is perhaps it’s time to put the fairytale to one side, I’m sure your cousin is proud of what you have achieved but so far you are proving to be an embarrassment to such a successful Sheeran brand.
What makes it worse is the social media abuse and desperate trolling campaign to cover up the fact that the music just isn’t 100%.

I appreciate all sorts of feedback and please by all means prove me wrong, send me a Jethro record and I’ll play it to my home boys back at the council estate and if we down to chill to that music I’ll re-write my daily moan 😉 ! 

It’s been a blessing ya’ll, hit me up on