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Maths initiative to create equal opportunities for children in need

09 Mar Maths initiative to create equal opportunities for children in need

AN innovative maths program has launched a new charity initiative to help children in need advance in their maths education.

For every subscription of Smartick taken out, the platform will donate another to a child who needs it as part of its 1=1 campaign.

The brand is passionate about creating equal opportunities for all children and wants to help them stay on track with their schoolwork whether they have been affected by Covid-19, childhood cancer or simply don’t have access to quality education due to their socio-economic situation.

Smartick enables children aged four-to-14 brush up on their maths skills with just 15 minutes of learning a day. It uses a complex AI system to create unique online training for individuals based on their academic level in real time.

While this may sound great for parents and teachers, what makes it even more appealing to children is that following their learning they are rewarded with gems to spend in a virtual world to create avatars and play further games.

Javier Arroyo, Co-founder of Smartick, said: “At Smartick we help children through maths and brain training games to ensure their academic level continues to improve in an innovative, enjoyable and effective way.

“For children who may be out of school due to ill health, the program helps to get them back on track with their learning to make going back to school easier. It also helps to improve their cognitive skills and reinforces their self-esteem in a way that is both different and enjoyable.”

Millions of children have been affected by the pandemic with research showing they are months behind in their learning. Studies also show that in developing countries, more than 80% of childhood cancer survivors need academic support in the hospital and at home.

The best thing about Smartick is that it can be used anywhere on a tablet or laptop. Children don’t need to travel and can learn from hospital or at home after school or during the holidays.

For those who may tire easily, the Smartick method only requires 15 minutes of learning a day for participants to start seeing improvements – in fact 94% of children improve their calculation, logic and reasoning abilities.

Javier added: “We developed the program by working with education experts from around the world. Smartick helps kids solidify their maths foundation by identifying learning gaps and areas that need improvement. Only when they have mastered the focus area are they able to move on to the next step of learning.

“We believe that just 15 minutes is all it takes to keep children’s attention. Data also suggests this repetitive time frame is much more sustainable than say, a two-hour maths session once a week.”

Dr Barbara Oakley, renowned education expert, also backs the program. She said:

“Smartick is an intelligent, sophisticated program. The thing I really like about it is that it is rigorously research based and allows students to progress as the speed that they should be progressing at. It’s not this one size fits all approach that we often see in education.”

The program is available to download onto computers, tablets and iPads. For more information visit or discover more by listening to Smartick’s Future Minds podcast.

As part of the 1=1 campaign for each program downloaded, another will be donated, free of charge, to those in need. To find out more or to get in touch email