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Martin Bell OBE to share stories of Munnings at The Munnings Art Museum

20 Aug Martin Bell OBE to share stories of Munnings at The Munnings Art Museum

For the vast majority of us, Sir Alfred Munnings is something of a distant figure. Having died almost sixty years ago, in 1959, what we now know of him is through his remarkable paintings – many of which captured the idyllic English countryside, bucolic riverscapes, the majesty and power of horses, their owners or the people who owned with them – autobiographical writing, letters and photographs.

However, to the broadcaster and former politician Martin Bell OBE, Munnings was much more than a great painter. To him, Sir Alfred was a dear friend of his father’s, and therefore a wonderful source of stories and anecdotes.

So, it is with great delight that The Munnings Art Museum is set to welcome Martin as he delivers this year’s birthday lecture, which marks Sir Alfred’s birthday on 8th October – in which he will reflect on his own childhood on the Norfolk/Suffolk border and rural upbringing with his father, the farmer, writer and very first crossword compiler for The Times, Adrian Bell. Naturally, Martin plans to regale the audience with tales drawn from his father’s friendship with Sir Alfred.

Tickets for the event, to be held at the Dedham Assembly Rooms on Wednesday 3rd October, are priced at £10. For details about the Munnings Birthday Lecture go to