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@lsamuel19 talks All things NOTTING HILL

30 Aug @lsamuel19 talks All things NOTTING HILL

So to sum up my Notting Hill  carnival experience, is that it is definitely and rightly so the best carnival in the UK. I have been to numerous festivals and carnivals  around the UK like birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Leeds, Derby etc, but Notting Hill is by far the best atmosphere.

Everyone has a smile on there face and a whine in there waist. You can’t help but feel the music and its puts you in a positive mood.

Costumes…. Wow oh wow!! The colours, the detail and the spirit that these troops were representing was amazing. It was so much to take in.

Dance Dance Dance that’s what your there for, a necessity is comfy shoes…be prepared to do the most amount of dancing you’ve ever done!

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This is my second time attending Notting Hill carnival & trying to navigate around the area is hard work as there is so many people but be sure that every corner there is something going on whether it is the parade, music, fruit punch stops or food.


Caribbean food is my favourite. You can’t beat a bit of jerk chicken, Rice and peas with a side of plantain.

With so many food stalls to choose from its pot luck, but the ones that have a big queues you can always rely on them being tasty.


Every year there is normally a little bit of bad press around the carnival with stabbings etc. Do not let this put you off!! I have never seen an argument of anything of the sort at a carnival. (Not saying it doesn’t happen) It is probably towards the end of the night when there’s a little too much alcohol in people’s system. But whilst people watching throughout yesterday’s carnival all I could see was lots of grins and happy spirits.


Whether you like soca, bashment, house, shanti or Reggae. There will be a spot for you. There is numerous sounds dotted throughout the streets with good vibes wherever you are.

It’s one not to be missed and will definitely be on my calendar for next year.
Laura Samuel