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Loyalty Programs at Online Casinos

12 Jan Loyalty Programs at Online Casinos

Loyalty programs are set up to reward regular players at the online casinos. Each casino has its own loyalty program, which is sometimes also referred to as a VIP program. However, not all casinos organise such programs. So, before signing up at any online gambling platform, we suggest you check the casinos status regarding the VIP program. If the casino is offering this scheme, then only sign up there.

Especially new online casinos in the UK nowadays boosting their VIP programs to attract more players. We are suggesting this exclusively because loyalty programs come with enticing benefits. These programs are designed to include different levels. A new player is usually at the lowest level of the scheme. As he/she continues gambling at that particular casino regularly, they climb onto the higher levels.

Depending on what level the player is on, they receive various casino rewards. So, what are these rewards and how you can take advantage of the- Let’s know all about them below!

Loyalty Points and the Levels

Loyalty points are something you receive when you deposit and wager real money to gamble at the online casinos. Now, depending on the loyalty points collected, you move from one level to the next level of the VIP program. 

Each casino has its own point system. For instance, a casino might declare 1 loyalty point = €10. Another casino might offer 1 loyalty point for €100. So, it all relies on the casino. 

The more you wager, the more loyalty points you collect that will help you reach higher levels of the VIP program.

Benefits Associated with VIP Program

As mentioned earlier, each level on the VIP program has its own benefits. These include:

  • Cashback Offers: In cashback offers, the casino gives you back a percentage of the money you wagered for a particular week or month. This could be either in the form of real cash or bonus credits. Real cash is withdrawable. However, bonus credits can be used to gamble more at the same casino platform. Either way, its free money to benefit from!
  • Free Spins: Generally, in the starting levels of the VIP program, you receive a certain number (10, 15, 25 so on) of free spins. However, they are not just limited in the beginning. As you move ahead, the number of the free spins offered to you may increase (up to 50, 100, 200).
  • Bonuses: You receive special promotions daily, weekly or even monthly. More often than not, these are player-specific personal bonuses. 
  • Personal Manager: For high rollers or for the players at the higher level of the VIP program, the casino extends a personal account manager. The manager administers your account and helps you through casino dealings. 
  • Exclusive VIP Tournaments: Yes! The casinos also offer special tournaments designed exclusively for the VIP players.
  • Banking Limits: Both the deposit and withdrawal limits are higher for VIP players. This benefit you usually receive on the higher levels of the program.
  • Birthday Rewards: As a birthday gift, the casinos offer players with customised rewards. 

Apart from these, there are several other offers included in the VIP programs. However, sometimes there could be even fewer benefits too. All in all, it depends on the casinos!