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Loughton student secured top 10 place at European Youth Debating Competition 2019

06 Nov Loughton student secured top 10 place at European Youth Debating Competition 2019

A Year 11 student from Roding Valley High School secured seventh place at the European Youth Debating Competition 2019 in Berlin, following two days of tough debating competition from students across the continent. Charlotte, the youngest competitor, was praised during the competition for her extraordinary poise as a speaker, despite it only being the second debate she has taken part in.

The European Youth Debating Competition, run by European Petrochemical Association and PlasticsEurope, aims to promote science, technology, sustainability and diversity in 16-19 year olds. Charlotte secured her spot in the competition after successfully making it through the UK’s national final earlier this year, joining three of the best speakers from each of the seven participating countries. During the competition, speakers were required to debate topics such as the use of plastic, sustainability and the current economy, under the question: “Rethink, Reuse, Recycle: How would you shape a sustainable future with plastics and petrochemicals?”.

Katie Collins, English Teacher and Associate Assistant Headteacher at Roding Valley High School, said: “It’s fantastic to see Charlotte excel in something that is so important in today’s society; having the ability to express your opinions and talk openly and eloquently about issues that affect everyone is a really important life-skill.”

Roding Valley High School is committed to developing confident speakers and debaters in its school cohort; ensured through its annual Challenge and Enrichment programme and involvement in a range of events that promote confidence and public speaking. Earlier this year, fellow student Mia, excelled to the Grand Final of Jack Petchey’s Speak out Challenge, and a young team of debaters from the school were crowned national champions at the Up for Debate Competition.

Sharon Jenner, Head Teacher at Roding Valley High School, said: “It’s a delight to not only see our students achieve great things in school, but to see them applying the skills that they have learned in the classroom to excel out of school. Massive congratulations to Charlotte – we are very proud of her.”