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A Look At The Fall Of Film Industry Outcast Dougie Brimson

10 Sep A Look At The Fall Of Film Industry Outcast Dougie Brimson

by Dan Bryans

Toxic screenwriter Dougie Brimson doesn’t seem to be having any luck at all lately.

Over the years his followers have been subjected to racist, sexist and extremely controversial posts but yesterday multiple sources reported that a Met Police probe was underway as a woman had come forward alleging that the shamed screenwriter had raped her. We took a look at the fall of the film industry outcast.

Brimson who is most famed for penning the script of multi-award-winning feature, Green Street is also an author in his own right with scores of fiction and non-fiction titles under his belt.

In an investigation carried out by this outlet we unearthed the chilling tweets that show Brimson seemingly endorsing paedophile Jimmy Saville, in another tweet he defended the Charlottesville white supremacists march last month.

Brimson’s alarming behaviour on social media has led to numerous productions pulling out of working with him, seemingly he has only penned THREE commercial feature films in what could now be a short lived screenwriting career pending the outcome of the ongoing police probe.

The final straw for some of Brimson’s die hard followers was when he referred to a bloody attack on a chef ‘as character building’ which left the chef mentally and physically disturbed after bullying at the hands of Navy officers.

Brimson has always had his way with the ladies, he had an extra marital affair with now married Louise Sayeh. The relationship which naturally ended in tears saw a lengthy heated Twitter exchange between the two.

EssexTV last night reached out to Brimson’s rep who declined to comment.