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London Southend Airport supports carbon offsetting initiative

04 Jun London Southend Airport supports carbon offsetting initiative

London Southend Airport has been keeping busy during lock down by collaborating with ‘Carbon Happy’ so that offsetting is available when passenger flights return. When ‘Carbon Happy’ presented their concept, the airport not only recognised an environmental consideration but was impressed by those behind it.

Carbon Happy is a CIC launched by 10 sixth form students from South London. It isn’t a company in the classic sense, it’s part of the charity Young Enterprise who help students set up companies and community interest companies (CIC).

Aiken Furlong, Carbon Happy Founder, “This is us trying to make a difference; trying to change; trying to improve, innovate, evolve – because we must. Taking the greenhouse gasses back out of the atmosphere is the only way”

“Working with London Southend Airport has been fantastic; it is the inaugural launch of the website enabling trees to be planted in the local areas around the airport. Working with such an environmentally aware and forward-thinking airport has driven the concept to reality – they recognised our ambition and the need to find solutions.”

London Southend Airport been measuring levels of N02 since 2011; the results show that air quality around the airport has been improving year on year. Air quality during normal operations at the airport is 20.00μg/m3 – 28.85μg/m3, compared the 40 μg/m3 Government limit value. The air quality at the airport is also approximately 50% better than at key comparison points within Southend and Rochford.

London Southend Airport is keen to launch the platform ready for when air travel resumes. It will be possible to offset using the Carbon Happy system within the airport via a QR code on message screens or via the Carbon Happy website when booking a flight.

Glyn Jones, CEO of Stobart Aviation, “When Carbon Happy approached us we identified a fantastic opportunity; not only to take action which relates directly to the local community but also to support young people who are demonstrating initiative.”

“Whilst we recognise that planting trees will not in itself solve the wider issue, we are keen to support this great project and commend the hard work and creativity of these young people. Work is going on in the background so that we can launch the platform ready for when we welcome passengers back into the airport. We are using this challenging time to prepare for the future.

“Even in these challenging times, London Southend Airport is working hard to manage, mitigate and minimise its environmental impact. Planting trees in the local area is a great idea from Carbon Happy. It can take some time for trees to develop and reduce carbon but alongside the many other initiatives that the airport has put in place, from solar panels to recycled rain water, from waste management to supporting wildlife, this will make a real and positive contribution to our environment.”