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Locals Predict Royal Baby Will Be Girl Named Olivia

11 Apr Locals Predict Royal Baby Will Be Girl Named Olivia

To celebrate the impending birth of Meghan and Harry’s baby this month, InLinkUK, the tech start up behind InLinks, the new community communications service replacing payphones, has commissioned a poll of Camden residents to find out their birth predictions for the royal couple. This poll was launched to coincide with the new emoji voting feature residents will be able to use on the InLink tablets.

Surprisingly, 11% of Camden residents didn’t know that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were even expecting a little prince or princess! That number rises to nearly a quarter (24%) of men in the borough, who were bemused about the new royal baby, versus only 6% of women.

More than half (56%) of Camdenites predict that the royal couple will be having a baby girl this spring, the baby is expected to be due in April. When asked what the Sussex’s will name their baby girl, over a quarter (28%) of people in Camden predict that Olivia will be the name of the little princess, closely followed by Alice with 25% of the vote. However, open responses revealed some respondents to the poll think the baby will be named after Harry’s mother Diana!

The most likely boy’s name the royal couple will choose is Arthur, according to the majority of people in Bradford (29%), closely followed by Charles, after Harry’s father and heir to the throne, with 25% of the vote.

Want to have your say? You can visit your city centre InLink in Camden and make your prediction. Find it here: