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Local Sculptor To Being Nature Show To Essex

01 Sep Local Sculptor To Being Nature Show To Essex

Tucked away in a hidden and picturesque part of the Essex coast, near the Hamford Water National Nature Reserve, the artist Stephen Henderson works away in his estuarine studio as close to his subjects as it is possible to live and work. Since his teen years Stephen has been carving wooden sculptures of the wildlife that surround his home in the salt marshes of east Essex. Through his dedication and exceptional talent he has also carved a successful and vibrant career as a respected and sought after sculptor with collectors across the UK and overseas.

Stephen sculpts elegant carvings of wildlife, some of his recent subjects include the birds such as Oystercatchers and Whimbrel, as well as fish species such as Grouper, or Sea Bass. When he is not carving in his studio, he is out on the marshes with his binoculars watching the changes in the wildlife and the seasons and looking for characteristics and behaviors which will later bring his delicate carvings to life.

Stephen also salvages driftwood which features as the bases or the backgrounds to his characterful work, giving the artworks an element of the actual landscape as well as a representation of it’s inhabitants.

A busy season of exhibitions is planned for this autumn, and has just finished a collective exhibition in the Hayletts Gallery in Maldon with a selection of established male artists all based in Essex, aptly named “Essex Men.”

Next in the diary is an exclusive solo charity show to be held in a private house which will be open to the public, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October (11am ­ 6pm) and on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th (11am ­ 4pm) at Old Rectory, Fairstead Road, Fairstead, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 2BW.