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Local garden centre shares tips on how to create a blooming marvellous wedding

17 May Local garden centre shares tips on how to create a blooming marvellous wedding

With the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just around the corner, Tiptree based Perrywood Garden Centre is sharing some top tips on how to create a blooming marvellous wedding just like the Royal Family.

There’s no doubt Ms Markle’s bouquet will be stylish yet traditional. It has been

suggested that the arrangement will include white garden roses, foxgloves and her favourites, peonies, pulled together by official florist, Philippa Craddock. If you’re looking to add a dash of Royal wedding fever to your doorstep and patio containers head to Perrywood’s bedding area for some Royal colour inspiration.  They have a vast range of red, white and blue flowering bedding plants including bright red Geranium, pretty delicate blue trailing Lobelia and white Petunia.  If you want an English Royal garden to bloom all summer think about planting out some white Syringa lilac, pale mauve and lilac Lupins, Delphinium, Paeonia, Lavandula and white Scabiosa in your borders lined with swaying grasses and backed with rich evergreens.

In a tradition that dates back to Queen Victoria, every Royal wedding bouquet contains at least one sprig of Myrtle, a custom that Meghan is likely to uphold. Symbolising love, good luck and prosperity Myrtle is the perfect addition to any bride’s bouquet – whether you’re marrying a Prince or not! If you know a couple who has recently got engaged, why not gift them their very own Myrtle bush. This versatile plant grows well in containers, so could make a beautiful addition to any patio. When the couple tie the knot, the bride could include a memento from home in her arrangement.

Back in 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton decorated Westminster Abbey with 30,000 flowers, six English Field Maple trees and two Hornbeam trees. So, how can you take a leaf out of their book and create your own blooming marvellous wedding?

Similarly to William and Kate, bring a touch of the outdoors in and create a unique lining to your aisle with trees such as Silver Birch, which are available to purchase at Perrywood. Not only do trees add colour and vibrancy to a venue, they can also be decorated with fairy lights and trinkets to add a personal touch. After the big day itself, the happy couple can take the trees home to plant in their own garden as a special memory of the day.