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Local Fundraising Team Dress-up to Raise Awareness of Leprosy

05 Aug Local Fundraising Team Dress-up to Raise Awareness of Leprosy

Lepra’s fundraising team dressed up as different cartoon characters at a local music festival to help raise awareness of leprosy and the vital work the charity undertakes.

Taking centre stage as characters such as Woody from popular children’s animation Toy Story, and Boots from Dora the Explorer, Lepra’s team were able to engage with festival goers and families at the Nearly Festival in Colchester during the weekend to raise awareness of leprosy and the devastating effects it has on those affected by the cruel disease.

The team raised £67, the money donated will be used to help diagnose people in India, Mozambique and Bangladesh with leprosy, along with providing a cure and any post treatment care that they may need.

When asked about her motivations for getting involved, Miranda Lepra’s Communications and Fundraising Assistant stated, “Working at Lepra you see and hear first-hand the challenges people affected by leprosy face, from misdiagnosis to unnecessary disabilities as well as the prejudice and discrimination that can come alongside this. Dressing up as cartoon character Upsy Daisy from The Night Garden, meant I could engage with families in a fun way, whilst also raising much needed awareness of the disease.”

Those who are interested in fundraising for Lepra are advised to email to find out about opportunities and how to get involved.