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Local film director Richard Colton talks all things Dangerous Game

04 Jul Local film director Richard Colton talks all things Dangerous Game

by Tasha Turner

Film director Richard Colton have us a moment of his precious time to discuss the casting and directing work involved in his latest feature film, Dangerous Game which is now out on DVD and VOD. 

Colton speaking candidly about the project told us “Amar already new Calum Best from working with him on another film project that he had produced the year before ‘Retribution’ and after a breakfast meeting with Calum we secured our leading man and co-producer.”

The performance Best produced in the film was supported by some of the most talented names in the industry and in showbiz.

Addressing their supporting lead choices Colton said “We found our lead villain Darren Day who who gave in our opinion the performance of his career as Demetri the head of the dysfunctional Russian family and then we built up his side kicks.”

He added “Jessica Jane Stafford comes in as our sexy leather clad psycho, a nod to 60’s TV and cinema with the cat suited heroins like Honor Blackman or Diana Rigg. Of course Jessica’s husband Lee who plays victor came along too. We actually gave both Staffords creative freedom to come up with the look themselves right down to Viktor’s fake glass eye. They where so involved that they even wrote back story’s for both characters, which we are considering turning into a film.”

Talking about the challenges and perils of making a football film Colton said “We then had to balance this with a realistic football world within a fictitious football club. What i mean by that is that if you are going to make a film about something that people are very passionate about then you have to do it justice.

Colton added “Football is like religion is something that people hold close to their hearts, this needed to be believable. Using a lot of film making tricks and slight of hand we faked some very believable football scenes, this included getting real professional footballers, commentators and on one day thousands of fans into Crystal palace stadium.”

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