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Local Fighting for Charity boxing event raises over £25,000

23 May Local Fighting for Charity boxing event raises over £25,000

SIXTEEN boxers came out fighting for mental health last week at a white-collar fight night organised in memory of a man who took his own life.

The event, organised by Fighting for Charity, raised more than £25,000 for the Charlie Watkins Foundation, set up in memory of Essex-born Charlie.

The foundation was set up last year by Harry Watkins, Charlie’s twin brother, after his death in March 2017.

The results of the night were as follows:

1 Paul Wilkinson vs. Pete Davies

2 Result: Exhibition bouts

3 Zaharan Sofi vs. Floriana Borgioli

4 Result: Zaharan Sofi wins

5 Issy Mehmet vs. Nick Fava

6 Result: Nick Fava wins

7 James Reilly vs. Dean McGeachie

8 Result: Draw

9 David Sobers vs. Scott Assemakis

10 Result: David Sobers wins

11 Jacob Holme vs. Chris McCann

12 Result: Jacob Holme wins

13 Bertie Troughton vs. Chris Prior

14 Result: Bertie Troughton wins

15 Sam Goddard vs. Antoine Dunn

16 Result: Antoine Dunn wins

The next event in the Charlie Watkins Foundation calendar is a Charity Golf Day, which is taking place on 13th September this year at the New Zealand Golf Course in Surrey.

For more information on the Charlie Watkins Foundation, please visit: