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Local entrepreneur launches new social media platform

28 Jun Local entrepreneur launches new social media platform

A new social media platform based on Islamic morals and values called Labayk, is about to launch globally for all to use. And it’s been developed by Ilford entrepreneur Tanweer Khan.

Labayk is a fun, new social media platform which offers a socially conscious and user-friendly experience. Labayk aims to be a platform that serves the needs of people through Islamic values; creating a respectful, truthful online environment. Rather than aggressive targeted advertising, the platform donates to charitable causes.

Everything on this platform is kept halal – which means inappropriate or violent content is not tolerated. As a brand, Labayk pride themselves in mediating a safe, online environment to ensure everyone has a positive online experience.

Labayk is a social media platform that provides a safe online environment for both Muslims and non-Muslims. This platform will be a safe haven for those are seeking to be part of a respectful, more consciously fulfilling community.