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Local Councillor captures mood of the nation

11 Jun Local Councillor captures mood of the nation

by Matthew Martino

A local Councillor has captured the mood of the nation post the general election as he took aim at Prime Minister Theresa May’s shock decision to team up with Northern Irish party DUP to form a government.

Harlow Labour Councillor Ian Beckett took to Twitter saying “The DUP have yet to make public their ransom demands but here’s a taster….”, The tweet picked up 1,000 retweets within the first few hours of it being up, it now contains hundreds of residents from across the country who share the same worries as Cllr Beckett.

His tweet comes after national outrage as even certain Tory MPs have voiced concerns over what the DUP Party will want in return for assisting Mrs May in forming a government.

Cllr Beckett told EssexTV: “One of the biggest achievements of the last Labour Government was the Good Friday Agreement and a huge step towards peaceful resolution in Northern Ireland. 

It’s shameful that the Tory Party that sells itself as ‘patriotic’ is willing to destroy this and the national interest to cling onto power.”

A petition to stop the Consercatice/DUP coalition has surpassed 450,000 signatures.