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Local company offers pain-relief in sport

17 Jun Local company offers pain-relief in sport

by Matthew Martino

Over-the-counter pain-relief medication such as ibuprofen and paracetamol have long been a concern in sports, with many athletes, professional and amateur, over-using and misusing medication to keep injuries at bay.

Dr Ajai Seth, from the Sports and Exercise Clinic at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, expressed how someone over-training and relying on such over-the-counter medication would risk the ability of their bones to heal properly, not only impacting their career but also their quality of life.

NewMed, a division of Bedfont® Scientific Ltd., is the one-stop-shop for PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy in the UK, providing athletes with the chance to improve their training and have drug-free pain-relief. PEMF therapy, an idea harnessed by NASA, uses the Earth’s natural magnetic fields in a concentrated manner to assist the healing process and relieve people of their pain. Non-invasive and drug-free, PEMF therapy stimulates cellular repair to improve your body’s overall performance.

As a professional athlete, multi award-winning gymnast James Hall, is encouraging other athletes to incorporate PEMF therapy into their training routine.

James said “When using PEMF therapy in my training schedule I immediately noticed a difference as I didn’t feel as much fatigue and my recovery time was a lot quicker. Recovery is key to training; If I don’t recover properly I do not train properly because my training won’t be at its best.”

Merely weeks back The Daily Brit reported that Bedfont Scientific Ltd had been nominated for a local award.