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Local Chef Dayashankar Sharma Brings Veganuary to Grand Trunk Road for 2020

09 Dec Local Chef Dayashankar Sharma Brings Veganuary to Grand Trunk Road for 2020

Fresh from another year of wowing their dedicated clientele with a varied and always luxurious offering, Grand Trunk Road are adding a vegan twist to their beautiful menu for January 2020.

Since their launch in 2016, the restaurant has stood at the helm of quality Indian fine dining. With a sublime menu devised by Head Chef Dayashankar Sharma, from his own experiences travelling and collecting unforgettable recipes along the legendary Grand Trunk Road trail, the restaurant has garnered awards, nods from Michelin and legions of satisfied customers since its arrival three years ago.

Known for pairing classic flavours with sumptuous new ideas, Chef Sharma’s new vegan dishes will include Lotus root & asparagus with red peppers, cooked with cumin, turmeric & dry ground mango, and Stem broccoli with crushed black pepper, roasted cumin & lime juice.

With the number of vegans in the UK continuing to rise to an estimated 540,000 in 2018 and plant-based diets nudging further and further into the mainstream, Chef Sharma is keen to cater for all tastes at Grand Trunk Road, Preparing the new dishes with various other very exciting ingredients as it comes in season, creation of new dishes is ongoing.

Chef Sharma says “What better time than Veganuary to introduce our new menu items? Grand Trunk Road has always offered a singular Indian food experience, and the new vegan dishes will be as vivid and delicious as everything else on our menu!”

The new vegan offering at Grand Trunk Road will be available from January 2nd 2020. For bookings call 020 8505 1965.