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Local bladesmith creates the ultimate man-cave and forging den

29 Mar Local bladesmith creates the ultimate man-cave and forging den

Garey Hull is a bladesmith and has created the ultimate man-cave in the shape of a shepherd’s hut as his forging hut for his knives and swords.

Garey, 42, has had his Blackdown Shepherd Hut since 2013. The wriggly tin style hut is nestled in his woodland garden in Colchester, where he started using it as an office a few years. He also installed a wood burner that he rescued from a customer’s house to keep him warm in the winter months.

The hut resides in Garey’s forge and as well as an office, it takes on various roles as a design room and finishing room for his bladesmithing. Garey forges tracker knives, Viking style knives, and swords using traditional methods.

Garey, from Colchester in Essex, says:


‘The shepherd’s hut brings a smile to anyone that steps inside. I am a true believer that you should surround yourself with things that inspire and make you feel a certain way. My hut inspires me. I once read that if something or someone makes you smile or laugh, you should either buy it or marry it!

‘The appeal to me of having my own shepherd’s hut for both work and pleasure was the romance and freedom that a shepherd hut brings. The fact that it is so well built, and will probably outlive me, means it is something that I can leave to my children as well.’


Huts like Garey’s can be found at Inspired by the traditional shepherd’s huts of yesteryear, Blackdown Shepherd Huts create ultimate dream huts, built to last for generations to come. Handmade in oak-clad or metal-clad exterior, these huts can include a bathroom and a kitchen, or just simply a wood-burner.