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Lifetime achievement award for Essex business mentor Peter Boolkah

08 Mar Lifetime achievement award for Essex business mentor Peter Boolkah

Chelmsford based Peter Boolkah has been a business coach for over 17 years. He continues to help grow businesses both in the UK and in the US. He has amassed a loyal client base, many of whom have been with him for over 10 years.

One of his clients is Clayton Shipton who is the CEO of CLS Money. When he started working with Peter in 2017 he had a turnover of £1 million, he is now on target to hit £4 million this year. He puts this down to working with Peter. “Prior to working with Peter as a coach, I couldn’t seem to move over that million pound mark. He gave me the tools I needed to push forward. He continues to support and offer me an objective point of view which ultimately benefits my business.”

But the Action Coach lifetime achievement award, although a recognition of the success of a coach, is more about giving back to the coaching community. It has only been awarded 3 times in 17 years. Julie Wagstaff is the CEO of Action coach which has a community of 250 coaches in the UK. She says that the lifetime achievement is given to someone for significant contribution to the community and making a difference to the industry. “Peter Boolkah leads by example. A lot of new coaches believe there is a magic ingredient which will propel them to something bigger and better. Peter shows them that there is a structure and path to follow to get results. He doesn’t innovate or change the system and in this way has been able to demonstrate great success. He is a strong leader within the community, constantly updating his knowledge to benefit his clients. He is consistent and authentic.”

Peter says “It’s an absolute honour to receive the lifetime achievement award. I see it as recognition of the success and hard work I put into both my clients and advising other coaches around me. Being a good business coach means you add value to an individual and business. People are often sceptical of business coaches because it is an unregulated industry and anyone can set up as one. However, those of us who can demonstrate success are as useful to a business as a PT is to someone who wants to get fit.”

Peter says Action coach gives coaches a framework to follow. “I’ve followed that framework for 17 years and had some amazing results with clients, many of whom have been with me for years. I feel I have a duty to impart that experience and knowledge, gained over the years to help other business coaches deliver a solid successful service to their clients. By showing them how to be a successful coach and supporting them, I believe it will ultimately help the industry to grow and we can move to eradicating the scepticism. I hope to continue helping both my clients and other coaches, locally and globally in these difficult economic times.”