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Liam Halewood on this week’s TV “I suppose it’s better than being pushed off a cliff”

25 Aug Liam Halewood on this week’s TV “I suppose it’s better than being pushed off a cliff”

by Liam Halewood

Hi my gorgeous, fabulous, incredible people. Ooops! Just looking in the mirror, (again).

Only joking! Hello readers. Hope you’re all well and had a fabulous week. And what a week it’s been in the world of reality TV.

Now. I have to start with the new Channel 5 programme, Celebrity Trolls which is hosted by the Saturdays and Strictly Come Dancing star, Frankie Bridge. What a hard hitting programme this is. So, your host Frankie basically goes to visit some celebs to uncover the Troll, which basically stands for online Bully. I have to say, I didn’t think anyone could hate so much on Sam Bailey.

If you don’t know Sam, she is the former prison officer who won XFactor. She loves jam tart Wednesday with her kids and, can I just say, hasn’t she done well. I mean, did you see her kitchen where she was being interviewed? I’ve met Sam and heard her singing live on stage and she is a humble woman with a heart of gold. To see the trauma this lady went through because of one Troll was heartbreaking. Her Troll was terrible, even setting Social Services on her when she was pregnant in 2014. This was all because she enjoyed family time at the pub. Don’t worry Sam.

The nation knows your a good mother and I am so glad your Troll got found and charged.

However, I think the best was yet to come on this show.

Nicola McLean, glamour model and reality T.V. star, is my kind of girl. I have met Nicola and she is pretty well an okay person. Now trolling happens we know, (it has happened to me from time to time), but Nicola’s biggest social media bully, I hoped, was going to get her commupence.

However, Nicola had other ideas about letting her off so easily. This Troll,(who had previously been charged for this kind of behaviour before), was about to get a big surprise. Just getting her prosecuted this time was not good enough for Nicola. She wanted to meet her face to face.

Frankie and her team carefully monitored where this bully lived.

At one stage they followed her journey on the bus. I enjoyed watching the guy on the team to be honest as he had nice eyes so that helped with gripping viewing too. They found where she lived and Nicola was ready to meet the Troll and what a meeting it’s was!

They stopped this horrible person, (because that’s what bullies are), in the street. She came up with all the usual excuses like, “Please can we meet in 2 hours” and “I have a headache”. Obviously, she didn’t feel that she looked glam enough for the cameras because when she turned up to the meeting two hours later, she had an eye popping top on, her hair all straightened and make up on. She looked like she was trying to get a glamour model career herself.

Nicola asked her about the tweets she had written calling her a s..g and s..t. Nicola asked why she felt it important to mention that “your tits are fake” etc? Here comes the best part.

Speaking with the best part of the Posh Pawn gold in her mouth, Miss Troll 2017 shocked the nation by saying, “Well you are fake. Your tits are fake and you are a s..g. I am not apologising for anything. You became a celebrity so you’re our property and we can do what we like to you”. I mean I was in the middle of dipping a digestive biscuit into my coffee and half the bloody thing fell into my drink.

The Troll’s response was jaw dropping. Not only is she just a horrible, nasty bully, she ruined my coffee too. Looking at social media after the programme, Nicola got so much amazing support from general folk and other celebrities. She was praised for her efforts in showing how Trolls can turn your life upside down and I am going to praise her now. Anyone that stands up to a bully in my eyes is a winner. Go on Nicola McLean! Tune in next week guys and gals on Thursday at 10pm on Channel 5 to see Chloe Jasmine, the former XFactor and CBB star, confront her Troll.

Now on to my fave show of the moment, Body Fixers.

I was so glad to see more of April this week and, I’ve got to say girl, you worked your magic this week on some of the clinics clients. Plus got some slut dropping, burlesque style, courtesy of Holly Oaks. Yes people! There is someone actually called Holly Oaks out there in the world. Now I have never been so shocked by a story.

This girl, Holly, dances with her ‘bangers’ out. She entertains the nation with her sexy dancing but, it was sad to see her confidence disappear when her alter ego leaves the stage. Once the makeup was removed, Holly became so much less confident in her appearance. It was time for April to show off her skills. My fave part of the show is when we got to see the black head extraction. It was also fab to learn how to pop a spot properly as well! Then Mr Blue Eyes, Daniel, had the colour purrrrrrple in his thoughts and slapped it on Holly Oaks’s hair to reveal a fabulous new look. Go on Holly Oaks! Be free. Be confident. And most of all, keep that look up because the guys made you look amazing.

Rachel! Rachel! Rachel! Where do I start? Dr Esho was very lenient on you. Fillers in a bedroom? Are you out of your mind? It was vile to watch all that bad filler coming out of your lips. Telling off now over from Aunty Liam! Your tom boy ways were gone. What, with hair from handsome new boy, Danny Richo, and make up by the resident, better looking ‘Louis Spence’ (well you are dancing a lot this series, Alex), you looked amazing and at least now your boyfriend won’t feel like he is snogging bubble wrap. Lol.

Personally, the next story was amazing to me. Because I hate my body hair, (and I am a man), I am so glad Chloe that, between April and Dr Esho, they got rid of your hairy back problem. The treatment looked so good and I have booked in with a local clinic to receive the treatment myself because and you looked so amazing. With the help of Alex’s gorgeous make up, your reveal was amazing. I am so glad you felt comfortable enough to now wear that backless top too.

Moving onto Michael, who is apparently the next drag superstar. I genuinely think Michael was handsome and gorgeous as himself but I suppose the Fixers have to do what the clients ask and they did!

Kiki was born with Danny’s answer to Nicole Scherzinger, the judge from XFactor. With a wig and Alex’s make up, that girl was ready to partaaaaaay with her drag idol Vicky Vavacious. Brilliant!

I have admittedly rambled a bit today but, onto my last makeover and it is the best one I’ve seen yet. Heather, one of our much loved women’s rugby superstars, visited the clinic. Daniel Granger, your my fave. That hairstyle you designed was nothing short of outstanding.

Although a little Ellen Degeneres, who I think looks amazing, with a touch of Alex’s make up magic, you really gave Heather her confidence back. I would never know, but suffering with alopecia must be a nightmare, especially for a women. It was so nice to see such a strong women feel so feminine and confident again.

Well done Fixers for another week. You really once again proved why you are all the best in the business.

Just briefly about CBB, (which has been a bit disappointing this year). Helen and Sandi were evicted, Sam showed a little of his true colours by playing Amelia a little and Barry, (ooops, I mean Shaun), was pushed out of the back door. I suppose it’s better than being pushed off a cliff. Lol. And Sarah and Chad became shoddy by way of a little fumble under the covers.

The winner will be decided tonight. I think it will be Sarah just because of the fan base she has outside the house from her Girls Aloud days. However, the biggest star for me this year has been on the sister show, BBBOTS.

Zara Lena, who is supporting Jemma Lucy, is just amazingly entertaining.

Anyway. Much love and hugs. Same time, same place, next week. Remember though. You can check out my videos now on all networks of Essex TV.

Bye for now

Liam xx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️