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Let’s go on a reel adventure!

20 Apr Let’s go on a reel adventure!

We don’t know about you, but we could do with a little adventure, full of new lands, potential ruins and maybe a jungle with high temperatures to warm the body and soul. There’s no need to submit a holiday form to your workplace, nor do you need to pack a backpack or check your passport to see if it’s still in date, you simply need to head over to the online Slots at Paddy Power and click one of many games waiting for you within their online lobby.

So, without further ado, let’s go on a reel adventure!

Temple Tumble Megaways

It’s time to adorn your hiking boots and beige explorer outfit as you head deep in the South American jungle to potentially unearth some lost treasures within an old Aztec Empire temple ruin. Temple Tumble Megaways is a six row, six-reel video slot game, containing 46,656 ways to potentially find the jackpot of all jackpots hidden within the temple walls. This adventurous slot contains a cascading reels feature which comes into play each time a winning combination has been created. The aim of the game is to use these cascading reels to create further winning matches, causing stone blocks to explode, and remove them from within the reels in the hopes of activating the free spins bonus. Within the free spins bonus you’ll be awarded six free spins to begin with, and you’ll choose from three free spin modes. As you spin the reels you have the opportunity to win further free spins to add to your total. Of course, none of this would be possible without the symbols found within the rows and reels, which are comprised of card symbols, an Egyptian burial mask, a trusty explorer and stone blocks.

If you think you have what it takes to run through the temple ruins and grab the hidden treasures within, this could be the perfect adventure waiting for you to play.

Wild Tundra

If you’d rather swap the hot and sticky jungle for icier climates, then maybe an adventure set back in time within the Ice Age period is more suited to the explorer within you. Grab your snow boots and earmuffs as we spin the five by four chilly reels as you try your luck to defrost the jackpot frozen within the slot worth up to 10,000x your wager. A calming soundtrack with the addition of animals and dripping water plays in the background, but the sound you truly want to hear is that of a mammoth roaring. To do this, you’ll need to create a winning match of mammoths within the reels at play. But this isn’t the only animal to be found; rhinos, bears, deer and sabre tooth tigers are also walking the cold reels within this Ice Age slot which, when matched amongst the reels, releases small amounts of the jackpot, teasing the block of ice in the process, to maybe crack open and release all the treasures frozen within.

Whether you decide to take a walk on the wild, yet cold side, of the Slots, or within the sticky climates of the South American jungle, there will always be an adventure waiting for you to discover at an online casino site.