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Lee Valley Golf Course to host its first FootGolf Open competition

22 Feb Lee Valley Golf Course to host its first FootGolf Open competition

Edmonton’s Lee Valley Golf Course is to host its very first Lee Valley FootGolf Open this spring over the Easter weekend (Sunday 1 April) inviting players of all ages and levels to compete as teams and aim to take home the FootGolf Open trophy.

Combining two of the nation’s favourite sports, FootGolf takes place on a traditional golf course but replaces a standard golf ball with a football. With participants discarding their usual clubs in favour of moving the ball with their feet alone, the object of the game is to get the ball into each hole, in the fewest number of ‘shots’ possible.

Open to all, the event encourages beginners and seasoned players alike to rally round their friends and family to compete as a team, or sign up to the competition as an individual and join the action with other players. Participants can choose to compete in either an Adult and under 18s category.

Teams will progress along the 18 hole fairway with players taking it in turns to kick the ball towards each hole. Featuring a picturesque lake at the centre of the course, even the most experienced players will find elements of the 2,185 yard long course challenging.

Entry to the competition is £12 for adults and £6 for children and includes a hot beverage and savoury snack. Competitors can bring their own football (standard size 5 ball) or hire a ball on the day for £10 which is refundable upon return.

Participants are required to wear trainers (football boots and blades are not permitted) and advised to wear comfortable sports clothing however, in the true spirit of the game, competitors are encouraged to wear traditional golf apparel.

James Hetherington, Accommodation and Golf Manager at Lee Valley Golf Course said: “We’re really looking forward to hosting our first FootGolf Open at Lee Valley. For those completely new to the sport, the Open is a great excuse to get outdoors, enjoy our course and learn the game.