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Last-Minute Gift Ideas – and How Hampers Can Save the Day

19 May Last-Minute Gift Ideas – and How Hampers Can Save the Day

Struggling to buy gifts for friends and family happens to the best of us. If we’re being honest, it happens to all of us, much more frequently than we might care to admit. But a solid, severely underserved gift idea that many of us overlook can be found in the form of the hamper. Gift baskets present a unique way to show someone you care – and can be economical as well as thoughtful. Here’s how to put one together, and make a loved one’s day. 

It’s Not About the Money

Selecting gifts for a hamper does not have to be an expensive endeavour. Indeed, putting a basket of gifts together can be a relatively inexpensive way to celebrate someone – while being incredibly thoughtful, and very presentable indeed. As long as the gifts you choose are thoughtful, the hamper will be received well.

To make things easier on yourself, you could create a theme; if the hamper is for a baby shower, you could match the colour of the gifts to the gender of the baby. You can also bulk out your hamper with decorations to the same effect. A beautiful birthday card completes any birthday-themed hamper, while tissue paper and straw can help nestle and arrange said card and other such gifts in a perfectly presentable, aesthetic manner.

Making It Personal

The beauty of a hamper as a gift is its complete and utter customisability. You can use what you know about the lucky giftee to craft the perfect collection of small presents and gestures. If they paint as a hobby, you could include new paints and brushes – or if they like to bake, you could put together some useful and artisanal ingredients for them to experiment with.

You can also theme your hamper gifts in relation to the occasion at hand. For example, a friend may be celebrating the purchase of their first home. With this in mind, you could fill your gift basket with useful items – cutlery sets, pepper grinders, herbs and spices, even crockery. 

Clubbing Together With Others

A hamper does not have to be built alone, either. You could enlist the help of friends and family to populate your gift basket, giving you more gift ideas to work with and a bigger overall budget. The hamper is an especially useful gift type for occasions where certain invitees might not be able to attend; they can contribute instead to the hamper, ensuring their presence is felt by the giftee.

Finishing Touches

A hamper is a celebration in and of itself – a smorgasbord of gifts to delight and overwhelm. Presentation, then, is everything! Even the slightest consideration for its finished look can go a long way – a red bow around the handle, or a cloth wrap to hide its contents, can make the hamper a delight to unwrap and discover.