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Land of the Fanns announce model building competition

19 Feb Land of the Fanns announce model building competition

Are you a budding builder?

Show of your engineering and creative skills by building a model of a local place in the Land of the Fanns that is special to you, using items from home.

The Land of the Fanns Landscape Partnership Scheme’s latest competition is all about celebrating the great buildings and beautiful natural spaces in the Land of the Fanns. The models can be built from anything found at home: building blocks, paper, crafts, recycling, etc. The model can be of a favourite building, special landscape or hidden gem in the local area.

No need to submit the model, just send a photograph of the model, along with a title, your name, address, telephone number and brief description of what or where the model is of, to by Monday 14th March 2021.

The models will be judged in two categories:

Adults and Young People (12+)
Children (11 and below)