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Kiran Rai on the National Reality Television Awards 2017

19 Sep Kiran Rai on the National Reality Television Awards 2017

Wow.. what can I say, what a moment to be able to talk to the people on the red carpet and get the inside gossip and meet all the stars from across the carpet.

Entrepreneur Kiran Rai and free lance Journalist managed to get backstage access to meet the stars including George Sampson, Stephen Bear, Frank Bruno, and the new singing crew BGT “New Dynamixx” who met Rai at the carpet.

New Dynamixx said “its such a great feeling to be here, were really honoured to be part of this great event and industry” meanwhile Bear from big brother took alike to Rai and said “he’s like my asian brother but better looking than me” which made us all laugh.

The show went fantastic in my eyes and had Frank Bruno who attended with his entourage and despite being rather cornered thinking I wanted to try and catch him out, the first he said to me was “don’t ask me anything stupid” which I instantly stepped back and knew it could be trouble if Mr Bruno got involved.

Rai meanwhile covered LFW week and interviewed all the super models backstage.