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K-pop Star Oli London has Epic Twitter Meltdown and Trends Worldwide

09 Sep K-pop Star Oli London has Epic Twitter Meltdown and Trends Worldwide

Oli London has Epic Twitter Meltdown after Trending Worldwide; Bursts into Tears and then has Twitter Hacked with Cardi B Memes

British K-pop Star and Reality TV personality, Oli London had an epic Twitter Meltdown last night after being the subject of hundreds of thousands of hate tweets, after he defended a K-pop star who was accused on social media of Harrasment.

Oli, who is best known for his appearance on American talk show Dr. Phil and E! Botched, came to Kpop star Woojin, formerly of Stray Kids defence, after an anonymous Twitter account started accusing him of harrasment, even though there is no police investigation or charges against the famed K-pop star.

Oli took to Twitter to say that “people should not judge people and cancel them based on twitter accusations, rather if something is true it will be dealt with by the police and in a court of law. Destroying someone’s career and reputation with an accusation from an anonymous account on Twitter is extremely cruel, unfair and unjust. People need to stop cancel culture. It’s the dumbest thing ever.”

Then after trending at #14 in the USA and around the world, Oli posted a tearful video where he was visibly upset after receiving so many hate messages. He then had an epic Twitter meltdown, which received tens of thousands of interactions before having his Instagram hacked with hilarious Cardi B Memes.