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@Joseph23Morris admits “I love open mics & do plenty of them”

05 Sep @Joseph23Morris admits “I love open mics & do plenty of them”

With an EP in the pipeline plus a mixed variety of public performances Joseph Morris is a true rising star on the Essex music scene, in a few weeks he will be performing in front of hundreds at Southend’s premiere night spot Mayhem … We had a little chat with him.


Q.Tell our readers who is Joseph Morris?

JM: Well I am a musician/recording artist, from Chelmsford in Essex, all my life I’ve had a passion for music & it will always be the drive of what I want to do & to be around.
Q.First things first, your birthday is In a few weeks, what’s the master plan?

JM: No master-plan as such! Most likely I will be working in the studio toward my debut release which I’m still deciding when & how many tracks etc.
Q.How is the music journey going at present?

It’s all about the journey, gigging, writing, producing, learning & adapting.

The industry is not easy to make your mark on, but I’m learning all the time about how things tend to work & just applying all my focus into my own music.
Q.We met you at an open mic night in Romford, what importance do such talent finding events make?

JM: I love open mics & I do plenty of them myself, you meet some amazing & talented musicians with a passion for music, which is refreshing.

Open mics are important because they allow musicians/singers to be able to showcase their ability in what’s already a tough industry.

Q.As a young artist what challenges do you face?

JM: For me, not so many challenges that I face apart from time. Time is crucial with music, I am my own competition in the sense that I want anything that I’m doing or involved with, to be the best it can be.
Q.You have a very active fan base, what would you like to say to them?

JM: It’s crazy to even think there’s people out there who follow what I do, & support my music it’s quite humbling.

So I’d like to thank every single person who’s been behind me!
Q.What’s your style of music and whose your inspiration?

JM: I have any inspirations, like James Morrison, Ed Sheeran, even iconic legends like Michael Jackson.

My style, I’m very guitar/acoustic based, but I am very excited for my own music to be out out there as I am demonstrating versatility with a few genres.
Q.What can we expect to see from you in the future?

JM: An EP of some sort, 5 tracks, potentially more tracks like a full album’s worth there’s so many tracks!

Right now it’s about building on what I have & releasing my own content. Exciting times!

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