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Jamie O’Hara Is THE Man Right Now

06 Apr Jamie O’Hara Is THE Man Right Now

by Tasha Turner

Fresh from signing for Billericay FC some weeks ago, he has now sent the TOWIE fans into overdrive with rumours that he might be going onto the show and to sum it all up he has just began filming a role in an upcoming feature film, one thing can be said for sure … Jamie O’Hara is THE man right now.

The 30year old marked his return to the football pitch following his stint on Celebrity Big Brother by signing to Billericay Town.

The footballer turned reality star could find time to do both after teasing his over 50,000 strong twitter army with the possibility of an appearance on the hit ITVBe show The Only Way Is Essex as he tweeted “Jesus with the drama in my life I should be on TOWIE.”

To add to O’Hara’s very interesting portfolio he has been handed a role on Once Upon A Time In London, a British gangster drama which features Leo Gregory and Terry Stone.