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An intimate chat with @GaryAWales talking Lion King, 2Late and the masterplan

27 Jul An intimate chat with @GaryAWales talking Lion King, 2Late and the masterplan

Gary Wales was born on the 29th September 1995 in Falkirk Scotland. Gary started performing when he was 6 years old. He moved to County Armagh in Northern Ireland in 2007 at the age of 12. It was there when he really got in to acting and wanted to start a career from it. He is a graduate student from Performing Arts at the Southern Regional College. He lives at home with his mum Carol, step dad John, sisters Danielle, Hollie & Lucy and his brother Martin. He has starred in numerous tv programmes, short movies and feature movies. He also was the creator of his very own short film called 2Late which took place in 2014. He is a very keen actor and film maker and works at the best of his ability and is very eager when it comes to acting and film making. His passion in life is acting and will be starring in movies in the nearer future.

We had a little chat with him ….

Q.How is the Northern Ireland acting scene in your eyes?

GW: Being an actor in Ireland is wonderful, the industry is amazing & full of bright talent. Ireland is the second Hollywood in my own eyes, why? Because the scenery is amazing and is seen mostly on the TV show Game Of Thrones.

Q.You’ve done quite a few musicals, is live performance your future?

GW: Yes I have done a few musicals but when I started film I knew that was the path I would go down, I’ve never looked back at theatre since 2015.

Q.How did you find courage to be performing since you were 6?

GW: When I was 6 I watched the Johnny Depp film Edward Scissor Hands and always wondered what it would be like to play a character that has knives as hands and said to myself I want to be an actor, so I started stage school and went from there.

Q.Do you still go head over heels for The Lion King?

GW: The lion King was definitely my most favourite film when I was young and to this day it still is but I wouldn’t go crazy over it anymore.

Q.You’ve done quite a few short films, your fans were excited about 2Late – tell us more about that?

GW: Yes I love short films, 2Late was a big hit because I think it’s because it related to a lot of people within the plot line of the film and it’s story and to this day people still approach me regards to it, it was a success and I’m proud to be the creator of it.

Q.Whats the masterplan for the rest of 2016?

GW: The masterplan for 2016, is to travel which I’m currently doing right now and currently in Canada & to also do as many production stuff at the same time, my aim for 2017 is definitely just to be filled with media and films & to potentially grow more on social media.

Q.Would you be up for bringing a bit of Mr Wales to Essex?

GW: As I always tell people it’s good to expand and grown through different places around the world so yes I would definitely love to come to Essex for production work. I’ve never visited but is definitely on my bucket list.

Q.Whats an average weekend like for you?

GW: A average weekend for me is to spend time with family and friends, if there is an event I will go out for that, I also have a thing for watching behind the scenes of movies and take pointers down etc… As well.

Q.What would you like to say to all your fans and supporters around the world?

GW: I’d like to thank all my fans and supporters around the world for following and loving what I do, I’m on a very positive journey and you guys are coming with me.

Follow Gary on Twitter @GaryAWales