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Inside visionary author Tracey Mayhew’s first novel

30 Apr Inside visionary author Tracey Mayhew’s first novel

A visionary Essex author has overcome all odds to publish her debut novel aimed at young adults and now she is planning her next move.

Tracey Mayhew, 33 who is also known by her pen name T J Mayhew has lived in Essex since she was born has been writing for over 15years and has finally published her debut novel dubbed “The Book of Legend”.

Mayhew told us “I’ve always been interested in writing and reading and have a real interest in fantasy and myths and legends, in particular. I’ve been a teacher for ten years now but am currently a supply teacher to enable me to pursue this career.”

Her efforts have paid back really well after her debut novel ranked #1 in Kindle’s children eBooks under the Tales & Myths genre.

Talking about her future plans Mayhew told us “I’ve got three series of three books, which makes nine books that I want to get out there in the near future

“I also want to be involved in talking to kids and helping their development.”

You can buy or download your copy of The Book Of Legend here.