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Inside TV documentary ‘Are you Autistic’

01 Apr Inside TV documentary ‘Are you Autistic’

Last week AnnaKennedyOnline charity patron and rapper John Paul Rock-Horsley who joined the charity in October 2016, was part of the Channel 4 documentary ‘Are you Autistic’.

Age 38, JP said: “I think I’m autistic because I’ve always felt different, I’ve just never fit in. I hope this will bring closure on whether I just can’t get over this weird behaviour or whether I have a condition that causes me to be different to other people.”

On the programme JP felt relief after his diagnosis of Autism was confirmed by Professor Simon Baron Cohen.

Anna Kennedy OBE was invited to attended the premier on 22nd March, Anna said “Having watched the premiere where our Patron John Paul Rock-Horsley was one of the participants, I thought this was a positive and informative programme for the public that know very little about autism presented by 2 autistic females.”

She added “I hope that employers were watching this programme and that more job opportunities we will be on offer to autistic adults. Small reasonable adjustments in the work place can make a huge difference. I have seen evidence of this with my own son.”

Anna Kennedy Online have just launched a re-release of ‘Baby Boy’ a Charity single whose singers are all Autism’s got Talent past performers. Please see their website for further details.