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Inside Turtle Bay Chelmsford’s Latest Vegan and Vegetarian Menu

27 Dec Inside Turtle Bay Chelmsford’s Latest Vegan and Vegetarian Menu

Turtle Bay offers an exceptional range of fresh and healthy Caribbean vegan dishes all year round, making it the perfect place to celebrate Veganuary this year.

Plus they have recently updated their specialist veggie and vegan menu, and added a vegan dessert to the lunch menu, meaning that vegans can now enjoy three beautiful, plant-based courses for £15, as part of Turtle Bay’s great value lunch deal.

The latest menu update featured the brand’s first vegan burger, the Kernel Burger – sweetcorn patties are given a Caribbean twist with vibrant flavours and spices, roasted red peppers and sweet onion chutney.

As Turtle Bay is all about ‘anything goes’, laid back Caribbean eating and drinking, there’s an abundance of magnificent vegan small plates made for endless possibilities – these can be added to compliment any dish on the menu for the perfect plant-based menu hacks…

Choose from Crispy Chickpeas, Caribbean Hummus, Smashed Avo, Chilli Pineapple Salad, Sunshine Quinoa, Supergreen Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, Spiced Fries, Coconut Rice‘n’Peas, Steamed Rice, Green Herby Rice, Lemony Rice, Bara Roti, Sweet Plantain and Creamy Coconut Callaloo. Guests can mix and match these dishes as two for £5.40, three or £8, four for £10 or five for £12.