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Inside the “Give us a Break!” Anti Bullying Campaign

09 Nov Inside the “Give us a Break!” Anti Bullying Campaign

Bullying can make any child’s life unbearable! 

Autism Ambassador Anna Kennedy OBE reports that families contact our charity sharing their children are being bullied in schools because of their autism, also within the community and increasingly online.

Parents report their child is being bullied and the case is either ignored or badly handled. Nearly all parents believe their child’s progress is seriously affected.

A lot of the bullying at school takes place in the playground, a place where it is not supervised as well as the classroom. The playground is a place where social interaction takes places and because of their autism some children find this difficult and become a target.

One young man Macauley Elvin now 20 years old has experienced all of the above and turned to music to help him get through his ordeal.

During Macauley’s early years, his Mum Michelle was diagnosed with ME and Epilepsy and was very unwell. Whilst at nursery they noticed problems Macauley’s with his speech and language and was referred to another specialist. By age 4 he was diagnosed with Aspergers, Dyspraxia, Semantic ,Pragmatic Disorder and severe Asthma. 

Macauley has written a song with his mum called Hollow to help Anna Kennedy Online Autism Charity to raise further awareness with their Give us a Break Anti Bullying campaign.

The song will be released on Monday 13th of November to all stores for 99p.