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Inside local boxer Richard Riakporhe’s Confessions

07 Apr Inside local boxer Richard Riakporhe’s Confessions

In the May issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine Riakporhe speaks about one of his recent embarrassing moments with fans who after a wild goose chase pinned him down to get autographs and pictures to find out he is not Stormzy but merely pro boxer and cruiserweight Richard Riakporhe.

The boxer recently had his first outing at the O2 victoriously emerging from his 6th consecutive win. The cruiserweight is looking to return to Cuba having gotten involved in the boxing scene there.

“There is so much to learn about my craft. I was there on holiday but keep up with training in my downtime, which got me involved with locals there. Their style of fighting is different from what I have encountered so far and intense. Plus the conditions such as the humidity adding to the challenge. I haven’t reached my goal yet so I am emerging myself in all aspects of boxing and becoming a world class athlete.”