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Inside Essex’s leading luxury cat hotel

06 Sep Inside Essex’s leading luxury cat hotel

When humans drop their beloved cats off for a stay at the Lawlor Cat Hotel, they cannot possibly imagine what goes on behind the five star doors. At night time, Archie the cat who runs the hotel, turns off the CCTV cameras and lets the fun begin!

Accompanied by Archie’s doggy team Dougy, Buddy and Alfie and the horses Dan and Louis, the cats leave their smart suites to join him on adventures like rodeo, skiing and even playing basketball.

When too much mischief abounds at the hotel, Archie has to get the guests out of trouble. And keeping different cats, kittens, breeds and personalities in line can be a challenge for even the cleverest of cats.

Jane Lawlor runs the UK’s leading hotel for cats, where owners can leave their fur babies safe in the knowledge that they are enjoying fine food and spa treatments all delivered with lots of fuss and attention; they can even check in on their pets via CCTV. Jane understands that in looking after people’s pets she’s pampering a valued family member.

Inspired by her passion for cats and the many different characters—both human and feline—who’ve graced the hotel, her charming first book is a must-read for cat lovers of all ages.

One lucky reader will even get to visit the cat hotel. Seeing is believing: log on to to find out more.