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“I’m ready to settle” says Twitter lothario Benny James

19 Feb “I’m ready to settle” says Twitter lothario Benny James

London based social media sensation Benny James enjoyed over 400 conquests with beauties from across the UK thanks to his high profile status, last year Daily Mail reported in an exclusive how the star sent out numerous saucy updates to his 110,000 strong twitter army , and in return is bombarded with selfies from women who are keen to hook up with him.

Benny who is now in a very happy relationship told us “I am very much ready to settle. I’ve met someone nice who accepts me and constantly challenges me to be a better person.”

Last year Benny spoke of how his lothario ways had left him ‘lonely’ and that he failed to form relationships due to his former ways.

The newly transformed star told us ‘I’ve just got to stay positive right now and I’m excited for the future’

When he announced news of his relationship it sent keen fans into overdrive and he has now uses his social media following to gush of his love for his new girlfriend.

In a recent snap he captions it ‘My Right Arm’

The future is already looking bright for Benny who tells us ‘I have just finished filming a TV show and obviously I can’t say too much and I’m also launching a business’