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“I Pulled a Sword on the Future King of England”: BGT Winner Richard Jones on Meeting the Royals

17 Jun “I Pulled a Sword on the Future King of England”: BGT Winner Richard Jones on Meeting the Royals

2016 Britain’s Got Talent winner, Richard Jones, has revealed his favourite memories with the Royal Family.

Following the Queen’s 96th birthday, and Prince Phillip’s passing in early April, the master magician has reminisced on his many experiences with the Monarchs – including the time he drew a sword on the future King of England…

Pulling a Sword on Prince William

Reflecting on his Royal experiences, Richard revealed how he surprised the future King of England at his event at The Camden Roundhouse, by inviting him onto the stage: “I’ve got a very special royal volunteer who is going to join me on stage now… Prince William.”

Despite the crowd’s excitement, Richard did note how a couple of “big blokes” in the audience looked uncomfortable – Prince William’s undercover security guards. Put on the spot, William could not turn the offer down so happily took part in Richard’s illusion.

It was only when Richard drew a large ceremonial sword from his Army days did the same “big blokes” start to panic, giving each other “worried looks”.

Disappointingly, Richard stated, he was not rugby tackled off the stage but was trusted enough to complete his magic trick.

He remarked that the global headlines would have named him “the guy who just pulled a sword on the future king of England”, but William was a good sport and “great fun”.

Richard did clarify that Prince William was “taller than I thought he was” – “I don’t know why he needs security at all, to be honest”.

Riding Alongside Prince Phillip

Despite never formally meeting Prince Phillip before his passing in 2021, Richard was fortunate enough to ride alongside him in the Household Cavalry.

While flanking the Queen’s carriage, playing the trombone, Richard was often joined by royalty, including Prince Phillip.

“Even times you would assume he was too old to wear the heavy gear and ride in the parade!”

Looking back on Prince Phillips’ dedication to the Royal family, particularly his wife, the Queen, Richard like many, was inspired by the Duke of Edinburgh’s selfless dedication to inspiring British troops, often taking part in the parades despite the hot weather.

Upstaged by the Queen

When Richard was not winning nationally-celebrated reality programmes, he could often be found in the Royal family’s garden with the Household Cavalry.

While he played in the band, Richard witnessed first-hand how “amazing the Queen’s role is”, and the joy she brought to all who attended.

Richard explained how Her Royal Majesty made time for every guest, to ensure every attendee felt appreciated, despite there being hundreds of people. The experience gave Richard new-found respect for the Queen.

“The whole point of those events is to give back to the public, and show her support to them rather than them coming to see her and the Royal Family.”

Remarking on how the Royals were stiff competition at events, Richard was often outshined by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in high-fiving guests. Even though the Royal Family are a “difficult act to follow”, Richard respects the “effort they put into making people’s day”.

When questioned about Prince Harry, Richard kept his cards close to his chest – despite having several funny stories, he was not allowed to tell them!

No doubt the BGT champion will continue to make magical memories with the Monarchs.