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How To Setup A Virtual Bingo Night During Lockdown

18 Nov How To Setup A Virtual Bingo Night During Lockdown

It can be an especially frustrating time during a lockdown, if not tedious, though one particularly exciting way to relieve the boredom is by setting up your own virtual bingo night – a craze that is swiftly taking the nation by storm! To whet your appetite we have listed a few simple steps below to get you started, though you can also use this guide by Bingosites.comwhich goes more into detail.

Find out who’s interested!

The best place to start for this is with family and friends, because, as it is a relatively new thing, you will likely have more luck convincing people that you know first rather than strangers on social media sites!

Find a platform that everyone is comfortable with

When you host your virtual bingo night you will find that you have an array of options that you can use to do this, depending on yours and everyone else’s preferences. Each one has various advantages and disadvantages so it is worth doing a bit more research first.

However, there are plenty available, including Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger Rooms, and also the Houseparty app, all of which are easily accessible on most devices!

Find the host with the mostest!

Perhaps one of the key elements of a virtual bingo night is the host. This is the person who is essentially going to run the game, let everyone know the numbers, and keep each player engaged. If there is more than one person who wants to do it, perhaps you can take it in turns.

Get your tickets

Don’t worry – this is easier than it sounds. If you search for a random number generator in Google and select a value based on the bingo game (90 ball bingo is the most well known), which means you simply enter ‘1’ and ‘90’, this will be used in the game to produce the numbers. You can also use this to generate the tickets, based on how many people are playing. Once you start the game and everyone has their tickets, the random number generator will automatically produce the numbers. You can stop and start this after each one to go at a pace that everyone is comfortable with.

Eyes down!

Now it is time to start. If you are playing just for fun then you do not need to decide on a prize, though it could be something as simple as everyone buying the winner a drink or you could decide on a stake and use PayPal to transfer the winnings to the victor!