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How to Keep Occupied During Your Commute

02 Jul How to Keep Occupied During Your Commute

Is the time spent during your daily commute just a chunk of life that’s wasted? It depends on how you look at things. If you spend it peering out of a window, you’re still thinking, reflecting. Though you might not be creating something or gaining new information, it might help with mental clarity and ease anxiety. However, this sort of inactivity and boredom could lead to frustration and negative emotions. Thus, if you’re lucky enough not to be in the driver’s seat and your commute consists of sitting in a chair, there are many things you can do to be entertained, productive, or improve your general well-being.

Play Online Casino Games

Gambling has moved to the digital sphere. Gone are the days when people used to walk to a real-life casino to place a bet on a hand of blackjack. Today, they have access to thousands of advanced slots and live table games on their phones. The bet sizes available can accommodate any budget range so that players of all experience levels can feel comfortable.

Add to this the best casino bonus that you can claim at these digital platforms, it’s no wonder people are choosing them over the real thing. Setting aside a dollar a day can make your commute so much more exciting, as the chance for a big win is always there.

Listen to Podcasts

It doesn’t have to be a podcast; it can be an audiobook. Both of these options are terrific. You get to sit back and unwind while taking in a great story or an informative conversation.

The podcast market has grown tremendously in the past decade. Before you had to go to a show’s website to download or play an episode, now, it’s all far more convenient thanks to mobile apps. Many shows even upload their episodes onto YouTube, so they’re only a click away.

True-crime, film, history, or sports. Whatever your interest is, you can easily find a show about it.

Do Puzzles

What kind? Whichever kind you like. You can buy a physical book that contains sudoku or crossword puzzles and do those. Or you can opt for their digital equivalents. These will teach you new words and help you hone your problem-solving skills while keeping you engaged.

If these are too traditional for you, then something more modern and advanced is needed.  Mobile games such as Monument Valley, The Room, and Prune, offer a great blend of simple graphics and complex puzzles. They’re atmospheric and addictive and come with several benefits.

Learn a Language

Now, here’s a challenge. Have you ever wanted to learn French, or maybe you did great in high-school Spanish, but are super-rusty now? Perhaps it’s time to brush up on your skills. Today, it’s easy as there are many great language learning courses online.

Rosetta Stone and Duolingo are the most popular ones. Many language learning apps are available for free, while others cost a monthly fee. However, another great option is language exchange apps, where people help each other master a new tongue. Bilingua and HelloTalk are great ones. Learning a new language has tons of great benefits and it just might help you on your next journey or the next job application and put you on top of the list.